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Daily Archives: March 9, 2010

It’s not exactly strange, but more annoying even infuriating experience with them. The annoying side would be called very childish that is ‘camp fire’ at their backyard anytime they feel like it. Once, I almost called local fire department fearing of uncontrolled spread of fire into their neighbor including ours. They didn’t seem to care of anything around their house. On windier day, the soot from fire were unbearable, ruining laundry hanging on backyard’s.

But mother of all ‘strangeness’ is this. When they moved in, ranch style fence between ours were replaced by ‘Berlin wall’ style 8+ feet, doubled-up one. Of course, they bothered to do it.  Well, it’s fine with us. Later, I noticed a strange door along the fence.. well what the hell was that? Of course, lock was on their side with obvious reason. Then it was forgotten.

One day, I noticed something looked ‘strange’ near the fence, but couldn’t tell why. Much much later, I was shocked to find one of a small tree was mercilessly cut down, leaving much mess around it. I almost concluded the storm somehow managed to have it down from previous experience. But after careful observation, it was ‘cut’ not fallen, very clean cut by people’s saw.

Well, who the hell did it? No surveillance picture, no witnesses, nothing. Is it time to call police? Not yet. Somehow, I got a feeling who did it. that camp fire people! After contacting them, it was revealed they actually sneaked into through very convenient door, cut our tree! They argued the tree was spreading mess onto their ‘beautiful’ lawn. What the **** is this strange people thinking? The true purpose of that strange door now exposed. They were conveniently dumping their yard waste onto our side time to time.

Now, the best of all, they were claiming this: A few inches from the current fence line into our side is actually their property! They meant the fence was built along more onto their side leaving a few inches to ‘dump’, ‘cut tree’, on purpose. The strange door was there to come across. What? Are these people real? I found then a ‘true’ property line surveyed by a professional, saying true property line falls much more into their side! Anyway, this is so strange.. No further dialog was attempted, this is not the kind of people to ‘talk’ with. Fortunately, they moved out since, Hallelujah!

March 2010