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Wow.. it’s getting hotter and hotter by days for almost 4 days in this Atlanta metro area. Of course, our clunky central a/c is in full force for days only for the living area, not including 2 car garage where our home server closet located.

Now, the small 6×3 closet is in trouble. The garage as well as the closet is not insulated at all. But the closet usually maintains ‘good’ temperature during the whole seasons except this kind of oppressive high heat and humidity condition. Only solution is good ventilation which the closet lacks. The currently the closet’s temperature has reached  lower 90s. It has 3 main pc servers which runs NAS, 7 virtual machines (most of them runs desktop pc’s), virtual Asterisk pbx(PIAF), as well as various network devices. So far, they seem functioning normally.

I moved box-type electric fan inside the closet hoping ease down the heat, but thermometer shows almost no difference! This means that somehow the whole garage must be ventilated through window which I did reluctantly last night. I can feel some ‘freshness’ inside the closet but still no temperate moderation. Just hoping everything is alright during this time.

I’m thinking about adding insulation around the server closet. Also adding small opening (with ventilation fan) on the closet wall in future. My only question is this: over 90 (lower 90s) temperature inside this small server closet is acceptable or not? If not, what kind of air temperatures are acceptable?

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