Yourduino becomes Notmyduino

This is one good example of how a nice-sounding family-friend run small business on Internet. The business is has no physical store as I know, but very good web-based store along with sweet-looking background friend-family story. They apparently are electronic enthusiasts at least if not full engineers selling mostly Arduino related small electronics parts to Arduino community. So far so good.

 After long hiatus from exciting electronics building days, I decided to start with this wonderful, inexpensive Arduino open-source micro-controller boards. First, I got introduced to MakerShed and SparkFun which sells good-quality Arduino parts, and bought some basic components like Arduino board, ZigBee radios from them. Their prices were very reasonable if not expensive.

 Then comes My impression was like: good international friends turn their passion of Arduino into good global-reaching business taking advantages of ‘dirt-cheap Chinese labor’. Well, looks good and sounds good until I found out otherwise. What I have not realized that the proprietors have near-zero control over their own stock, fulfillment process, record-keeping etc.. In short, they have no idea what they have shipped for my order! This is exactly “you get what you have paid for” situation. In conclusion, I have no intention to have another business with this virtual shop in future.


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