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I’m back to Joomla! to understand more about it. Previously, DotNetNuke was my choice for my experimental website for some time before I totally abandoned it for its complexity and instability. I’m not sure why it was so unstable, frequently crashed exposing ‘ugly’ error codes. Then I found this LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) open source blog and CMS software like WordPress, Joomla!. Miraculously, these software never crashed while on operation! I was hooked very much since, never looked back especially to ASP.NET based bloatware.

Already understanding CMS in general, I dived directly into Joomla! hoping to setup a working website in few days but didn’t work out that way. The system itself was solid-rock stable but it was not as easy as I hoped to learn. So called, steep learning curve fits to this system, so I bought a Joomla! book to jump start my project.  The book was <<Joomla! A USER’S GUIDE, Building A Successful Joomla! Powered Website>> by Barrie M. North. Presumably, it appeared to be a good book from Amazon’s review. How wrong I was…  In short, this is one of the worst book I’ve ever read. It, however, did a very good job to confuse me. I seriously doubt the author actually followed the example screen shots against sample code.  They simply didn’t match! Let me show some example of what I said on my coming blog.

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March 2010